Finnish agent for LexisNexis

As the Finnish agent for LexisNexis since 2004 with offices based in Vantaa, there has never been a better opportunity for taking advantage of information research and monitoring with the leading global provider than now.

With Finnonline Services Oy present and active in the Finnish information industry, we are able to deliver information solutions that drive productive, efficient decisions. LexisNexis provides the most authoritative sources in the world, and can be tailored to a user’s workflow to address job-specific and enterprise-wide information needs. With the advantage of being based in Finland, full hands-on support and help is provided to empower clients to get the best out of their information investment.

LexisNexis users in Finland come from all sectors of the information spectrum, with clients in the fields below benefiting from Finnonline Services presence in Finland.

  • Corporates - Small & Large
  • Media - Publishers & Broadcasters
  • Banking - Major Banks
  • Legal - Top Legal Firms
  • Academic - Several Educational Establishments
  • Government - Finnish Institutions

Backed by several years of experience in the UK and European markets, Finnonline Services has been helping new and existing users exploit the powerful LexisNexis database at there disposal to gain maximum return for their investment.

FinnOnline Services Oy helps organizations improve their information and knowledge resources by offering LexisNexis not only to traditional knowledge centers but also directly to individuals desktops – empowering end users to further research capabilities and increasing results. For more details click on the Disciplines we cover and areas of expertise...

Contact Information Call us on (+358) 044 258 0884 or email peter. souris @ finnonline. fi