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LexisNexis provides access to some four billion documents from over 35,000 authorative sources. This reliable information will give you a clear picture of the trends and developments of recent years, for example in the financial-economic, legal and social fields.

Our products are based on the combination of a huge database and the most powerful search technology. Each product gives fast and targeted access to a unique selection of sources chosen according to a specific field of application.

Nexis.com Info Nexis.com - Based on our new global platform, the largest database of news and business information in the world, all from a single login.

Legal Info Lexis Advance - The total research product of choice in the legal market. Research using smart content and advanced technology functionality such as LexisNexis Search Advisor, case summaries and points of law become quick and simple to find - bringing legal research to the next level! For Lexis PSL & UK Legal Library see our UK pages.

KYC Info Risk and Compliance - Protect your business from financial or operational risk with Lexis Diligence for all your Enhanced Due Diligence needs or BatchNameCheck for staying on top of onboarding and continuous monitoring of risk entities.

NewsDesk LexisNexis NewsDesk - Award winning LexisNexis NewsDesk our global news aggregation service focused on the efficient delivery of personalized news and business information through one dashboard. Your complete Media Monitoring service and Newsletter distribution platform.

TotalPatents Info TotalPatent One & new PatentSight - Most comprehensive and easy to use patent research system available anywhere. With new exclusive 32 authorities full-text patent sources and an additional 74 authorities coupled with Patent Family, Legal Status, pdf's and many more features.

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