Part of the RELX Group formerly Reed Elsevier

LexisNexis is a leading provider of content enabled workflow solutions designed for professionals in the legal, risk and compliance, corporate, government and academic markets. It unites proprietary brands, advanced Web technologies and premium information sources for all types of reserach needs.

LexisNexis originally pioneered the use of online information with new versions of the classic research services Lexis and Nexis still being widely used today. LexisNexis is part of RELX Group and serves customers in more than 175 countries with more than 13,000 employees worldwide including specialist agents like Finnonline Services supporting in Finland and the Nordics.

LexisNexis teams with customers to deliver information solutions that drive productive, efficient decisions. LexisNexis provides the most authoritative sources in the world, tailored to a users workflow and addressing job-specific and enterprise-wide information needs. Its legal-publishing brands are leaders within their respective markets, including Butterworth's in the United Kingdom, Les Editions du Juris-Classeur in France and Martindale-Hubbell and Matthew Bender worldwide.

With the combined publishing portfolio of so many market-leading information providers, and adding several million documents online every day and an archive dating back 35 years that gives you access to over 5 billion documents from more than 36,000 sources of references we aim to be an indispensable partner to successful professionals in law, tax, business, commercial, media, academic and public sector organizations.

What Does LexisNexis Offer?

LexisNexis gives you access to 5 billion documents from over 36,000 sources of reference, which provide professionals with essential information through an easy to use web service.

What makes LexisNexis stand out from competitors is the sheer range and depth of information managed and delivered.

Areas of information interest by Sectors include:-

Banking- Due Diligence, Compliance, Public Record, Global Company Financials, Filings and Directories

Media- Huge international and local press coverage,Social Media, Web News, Biographical & Profile Information

Corporates- Market Research Reports, extensive trade press & journals within industries, 1000#s of business relevant blogs and forums

Academic- Simple and cost effective service delivering news, financial and legal information for staff and students

Government- Economic & Country information and News archive back to 1967, Policy & Regulatory material

Patent Field- Producer of largest patent database collection and IP solutions for respective needs

Legal- Thousands of legal information sources be it case law, legislation or specialist material

Areas of information interest by Service Areas offered include:-

Market and Media Monitoring:- Monitor media, reputation, market trends and competitors. We help you analyse and visualise large volumes of news and business data, both from print sources and the Web. Understand the medias view on your company, brand, market or competitor at a glance, and drill down to the specific document or mention that is most relevant to you. Our unique sentiment analysis helps you quickly discern between positive, negative or neutral mentions of your organisation, brand or product.

Risk and Compliance:- Protect your business reputation by conducting comprehensive, cost effective due diligence and screening. Know your customers, agents and suppliers better through enhanced due diligence and in-depth screening. We help companies meet their regulatory requirements for anti-money laundering, anti-bribery & corruption and sanctions checks. Conduct fast, efficient and extensive due diligence while maintaining key audit data and ongoing monitoring for new and existing entiies..

Research:- Conduct accurate searches over 36,000 international news and business sources. Make informed business decisions after getting the latest news and market reports. Adapt the interface to target your results, using the power of the LexisNexis database. Receive daily news reports on topics of interest. Create an Alert, and receive updates each morning.

Big Data:- Nexis Data as a Service - Where can you find relevant content for a wide range of data initiatives? Experience the advantage of our data, a trusted content provider linking firms to an unrivalled collection of news, business, legal and IP data for more that four decades.use LexisNexis to extract deeper context and actionable insights from your data-driven initiatives.

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